Black Hash



Black Hash

Couch Potato
Buzz hits right away and lasts for a while!
Relaxed | Stress Free | Good for Pain
Dry Mouth | Dry Eyes
Organic | Tea | Musky
Anxiety | Stress | Pain | Insomnia

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Black Hash

This amazing and highly aromatic hashish is made from only the highest grade and premium indica plants.

Only small and bushy high quality plants are selected to be chosen to become this lovely and out of this world hash. Then the Genuine FINE BLACK AFGHAN HASH is finely crafted and hand pressed. Very small amounts of tea and water are added and used when pressing the hashish to make it malleable and highly aromatic.

A customer favourite can be smoked and inhaled alone however is many times more effective and much better when smoked together with dry herbs.

If you want the ultimate bang smoke it combined with moonrocks, marijuana, and shatter and get lifted like you never have before! Excellent for night time use! We CAN not tell you enough how good this stuff is! This is an excellent deal AND WILL BE SOLD OUT VERY QUICKLY SO GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!!  It’s sticky icky and ooey gooey & I guarantee you guys will love it! Very high in THC and other cannabinoids including CBD and others!

Users may feel the sedative effects to be calming and very relaxing. MANY USERS have reported heightened senses, feeling of euphoria, dream-like fuzzy feelings, sense of well-being; and feelings of tranquility. There are many, many more amazing reviews on this stuff! Loads of people use this stuff for their many ailments and conditions. But no matter why you smoke this stuff you know how good it is so we don’t even have to try and sell it to you because this stuff sells itself. Excellent for any one who needs a little extra buzz in their joints! Many requests for this stuff and we have limited amounts in stock! Lots of people calling in for the past couple weeks asking for this stuff! So there you go guys! Enjoy