About Us


About Us

SaveOnWeed.ca is a Mail Order Marijuana service that allows you to order marijuana online and have it delivered right to your front door.

There are many sites out there that provide the same service. Some of them fraudulent, some of them not. However Save On Weed gives you the opportunity to save a bundle and still have the same convenience. We offer marijuana grown by licensed growers in the northern parts of British Columbia, Canada. BC Bud known around the world as the place with the greatest weed will give you a high and an aroma that you will not find anywhere else. I have traveled quite a bit in my lifetime and the weed I find everywhere else is absolute garbage. It gives you that barn yard smell and the high doesn’t really do it to much.

The average price on the internet for a gram of marijuana is $12. Also you can’t be sure where the weed is coming from. I see a lot of companies with .CA domains and there located right outside Arizona??

We offer our Marijuana at $9/gram. You can buy as little as 1 gram up to an ounce if you wanted to. We make buying weed online very simple and easy. Our website is very user friendly. Navigating your way from signing up to checking out with an order is a breeze. Order invoices and confirmations emails are sent right after placing orders you will always be in the loop of where your order is in the process.

FindingĀ  a trusted source, especially on the internet, is hard to come by, it is so easy for someone to build a website and take your money. Know one understand that more than me as I have been a victim of being scammed on the internet a few times. It something that is very unfortunate but is happening all the time.

With over 6 years of being in the mail order marijuana business there is nothing more important than trust between a Online Company and its clients. It is something that myself and the staff take very seriously. Mail Order Marijuana is the best, easiest and most confidential way to purchasing Weed. What’s better then a trusted source, fast and convenient, reliable etc.?? All that and at HALF THE PRICE.

Join the Save On Weed family and see why ordering from your own home at an amazing price is the best way to buy Marijuana.


– President & CEO